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Flowering feature

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Foliage feature

Fruiting feature

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Problem feature

  • Hay fever ?
  • Litter ?
  • Poison or irritant ?
  • Sharp parts ?
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  • Weed risk ?

Growing environment


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  • Construction ?
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  • Food and drink ?
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Health use

  • Cascarilla
    Cascarilla is an essential-oil yielding shrub or small tree originating in the Caribbean and Central America, its natural range extending from the Bahamas, through Hispaniola, Cuba and the Cayman Islands to Jamaica, and from Mexico, through Belize an... more...
  • Palmarosa
    Palmarosa is an aromatic grass originating from the Indian subcontinent, its native range extending across subtropical and tropical regions of India and Pakistan. Nowadays, it has a wider distribution due to its cultivation for its rose-scented essen... more...
  • Java citronella
    Citronella Grass is cultivated for the essential oil in its leaves, mainly for use by the pharmaceutical, fragrance and cosmetic industries. There are two known species of citronella grass, Java citronella which is described here, and Ceylon cit... more...
  • Epazote
    Epazote is a short-lived perennial herb commonly used in Mexican cuisine. Native to the Americas, its distribution is widespread, extending from the south-west of the United States, through Mexico and other countries in Central America to the Caribbe... more...
  • Cardamom
    Cardamom is a spice plant originating in the highland forests of Sri Lanka and the Western Ghats of India, a mountain range extending along the western fringe of the Indian peninsula.Until the 1800's, the world's supply of cardamom came only from the... more...
  • River Red Gum
    River red gum produces valuable timber and fuelwood, and is the most widely distributed Eucalyptus species in Australia, its native range extending over much of the continent. However, trees from tropical, subtropical, temperate and arid regions are ... more...
  • Broad-leaved Peppermint
    Broad-leaved peppermint is an essential-oil yielding eucalyptus originating in Australia, where it occurs in the country's southeast. Its natural range extends from eastern and southern Victoria into the high country of New South Wales, as far north ... more...
  • Queensland Peppermint
    Queensland peppermint is a timber and essential oil yielding eucalypt originating in Australia's Queensland state. Its natural range extends from just west of Cairns, in the state's tropical north, south to northern New South Wales, and from the coas... more...
  • Southern Bluegum
    Southern bluegum (aka. Tasmanian bluegum)is a timber and essential oil yielding eucalypt originating from south-eastern Australia, its natural range extending from northern New South Wales southwards into Victoria and Tasmania.It is a fast-growing an... more...
  • Blue Mallee
    Blue mallee is an essential oil yielding eucalypt originating from inland regions of southern Australia, its natural range extending across semi-arid areas of south-west New South Wales and north-west Victoria.It is typically a multi-trunked tree 5 t... more...
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