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General feature

  • Plant origin ?
  • Plant type ?
  • Plant shape or form ?
  • Growth habit ?
  • Growth rate ?
  • Height or length ?
  • Lifespan ?
  • Tolerance ?

Flowering feature

  • Flower colour ?
  • Flowering season ?
  • Ornamental flowering ?

Foliage feature

  • Foliage density ?
  • Leaf retention ?
  • Ornamental foliage ?

Fruiting feature

  • Fruit colour at maturity ?
  • Fruiting season ?
  • Fruit size ?
  • Ornamental fruiting ?

Problem feature

  • Hay fever ?
  • Litter ?
  • Poison or irritant ?
  • Sharp parts ?
  • Vigorous growth ?
  • Weed risk ?

Growing environment


  • Art, craft and culture ?
  • Beauty and skin care ?
  • Cleaning ?
  • Construction ?
  • Environmental service ?
  • Food and drink ?
  • Food additive ?
  • Fuel ?
  • Garden (home & public) ?
  • Livestock, bees and fish ?
  • Pest and disease control ?
  • Raw material ?

Health use

  • Mind-body medicine ?
  • Essential fatty acids ?
  • Personal care ?
  • Tonic ?
  • Vitamin and mineral ?

  • Red Sandalwood
    Red Sandalwood
    Red Sandalwood is a timber and fuelwood tree with a wide natural distribution, its native range extending from India through Southeast Asia to Australia and the Western Pacific. And from there, it was introduced into countries in Africa, the Caribbea... more...
  • Desert rose
    Desert rose
    Desert rose is a flowering succulent originating from dry areas of Sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia and is a close relative of Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) and Oleander (Nerium oleander).It grows slowly to heights of up to 6 m (20 ft) under ideal conditi... more...
  • Agapanthus
    Agapanthus is a perennial herb from southern Africa, widely cultivated for its showy flowers.Its growth habit is to form clumps of plants up to 75 cm (2.5 ft) tall made up of dark green, arching sword-shaped leaves in a fountain-like arrangement. The... more...
  • Damar
    Damar is a softwood timber and resin yielding conifer native to tropical forests in Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Papua New Guinea.It grows slowly in closely spaced forests into a large tree 40 to 50 m (130 to 165 ft) tall with a straight,... more...
  • Kauri Pine
    Kauri Pine
    Kauri Pine is a large conifer from Australia and Papua New Guinea producing valuable timber. There are two known varieties, one originating in each native country.The native range of the Australian variety is limited to areas of subtropical forest on... more...
  • Henequen
    Originating in Mexico, this succulent is closely related to Sisal (Agave sisalana) and has a similar appearance. Like Sisal, it is cultivated for the fibre in its leaves. It develops a thick central stem, to which are attached long fleshy, sword-shap... more...
  • Sisal
    Sisal is a succulent native to Mexico and valued for the long, strong fibres in its leaves. Commonly 1 to 3 m (3 to 10 ft) tall, it develops a thick, stout central stem on which long fleshy sword-shaped leaves attach in an encircling arrangemen... more...
  • Tree of heaven
    Tree of heaven
    Native to central and north India, this multi-purpose tree grows fast to heights of up to 25 m (80 ft) in its natural habitat, though it is more commonly 15 to 20 m (50 to 65 ft) tall in cultivation. It develops a straight trunk with smooth, light gr... more...
  • East Indian walnut
    East Indian walnut
    East Indian Walnut or Siris, as it's known in India, is a deciduous timber, fodder and landscape tree originating from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Its natural range extends from Pakistan through India to Bangladesh and Burma. In ... more...
  • Marmelada
    Marmelada is a fruiting plant originating in tropical America, its natural range extending from southern Mexico, through Central America and the Caribbean, to Guyana and Brazil and within its range occurs across wet, moist and seasonally dry areas.It... more...
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