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Health use

  • Ambrette
    Ambrette is an Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) relative originating from India and cultivated for its seed, which yield a valuable essential oil. The main centres of cultivation are its native India, the Seychelles islands, Nosy Be island in Madagascar... more...
  • Lemon verbena
    Lemon Verbena is an aromatic shrub native to subtropical South America, its native range extending across parts of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Introduced long ago in other parts of the Americas, as well as Europe and Africa, it is now grown commerc... more...
  • West Indian sandalwood
    West Indian sandalwood is a tropical American tree valued for its fragrant wood, which yields an essential oil used by the perfume, cosmetic and fragrance industries.Its natural range extends from southern Florida to Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Pue... more...
  • Davana
    Davana is an aromatic herb thought to originate in India though the extent of its natural range is unknown. Its cultivation, however, has been limited to areas with cool, dry frost-free conditions during the annual growing season, the main growing ar... more...
  • Lemon myrtle
    Lemon myrtle is an ornamental and essential-oil yielding tree originating in Australia, its native range limited to pockets of subtropical forest on the continent's east coast.It grows at a slow to moderate rate, in native forests to heights of up to... more...
  • Linaloe tree
    Linaloe is an essential oil yielding tree originating in South-West Mexico, in Guerrero, Morelos, Oaxaca and Puebla. Long ago introduced into India, it is cultivated there for its essential oil, mainly around Bangalore.It is a small tree, typically 5... more...
  • Cananga
    Cananga or Ylang ylang is a flowering and essential-oil yielding tree originating from Southeast Asia and the Pacific, its natural range extending from the Philippines, through Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, to northern Australia and from Vietnam th... more...
  • West Indian cedar
    West Indian cedar or Spanish cedar is a fast-growing timber tree native to a wide expanse of tropical America, its natural range extending from Central America and the Caribbean south into South America, as far south as northern Argentina.It may atta... more...
  • Vetiver
    Vetiver is an essential-oil yielding grass originating from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, its natural range extending from Sri Lanka, through southern and eastern India to Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. It is an erect, clumping perennial... more...
  • Lemon eucalyptus
    A native of eastern Australia, the Lemon eucalyptus tree yields valuable essential oil, wood and nectar for honey production. There are two subspecies recognised, Corymbia citriodora subsp. variegata, with a natural range limited to th... more...
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